IXEUS was created in 2005 with Expertise & consulting activities on innovative embedded solutions for equipment manufacturers.

During 2011, we established our first design & manufacturing unit in Morocco to enable the realization of innovative projects and offer a proactive R&D and prototyping capacity to our customers.

End of 2013 we acquired Noalia main units in France, Italy and Tunisia, with the aim of developping new products for home, industry and health, and implementing innovative solutions in household appliances.

Today IXEUS Group operates 4 companies :
 • IXEUS France in Bourg-Les-Valence, general management, design, engineering, purchasing, and quality depts.
 • IXEUS Italia (NOALIA Solutions srl) in Lainate, marketing & commercial team
 • IXEUS Maroc (CASABLANCA ELECTRONICS Manufacturing) in Mohammedia, engineering & manufacturing site
 • IXEUS Tunisie (NOALIA Production Tunisia) in Beni Khiar, manufacturing site


IXEUS Group is involved in 3 main domains:

 • Home (modules & components for large household electric appliances)
 • Pro & Industry (modules for professional appliances and other industrial equipments)
 • Health (wireless modules and HMIs for Bio/Med/Pharma)

Products & Services

IXEUS Group products & services :

 • Electronics : control boards, timers, wireless modules 
 • Components : Encoders, selectors & controls
 • Sensors : Encapsulated temperature sensors
 • Electromechanical : Timers
 • Parts : Accessories, knobs, spare parts
 • Manufacturing : Contract engineering & manufacturing services
 • Consulting : Engineering, consulting & training services

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