Standard & Semi-Custom Product Catalog

Electronic timer - push

Various display colors and buttons arrangement. 2 housing sizes

Electronic timer - touch

Various display colors, tactile user-interface. 2 housing sizes

Hybrid analog-digital clock

Electronic 3-digits LED timer embedded in analog clock. LED invisible when not in-use. 2 positions for turn-and-push button.

Monolithic electronic control

Time, temperature and auxiliaries management. Various display colors and buttons arrangement

Full electronic control

Time, temperature and auxiliaries management. 2 separate boards (power/user). Various display colors. External and or on-board touch user-interface

Wireless modules

LoRa, Bluetooth or WiFi wireless transmission

Electromechanical timers

Synchronous motor driven gearbox with up to 7 switches. Primary speed 20 RPM to 1 turn/day. Secondary speed 6 to 24 times faster.

Encoders, potentiometers

Angular position encoding, incremental/decremental coding. Various functions including linear variation, push, boost and mechanical steps.

Touch over metal user-interface

Metallic surface without any component. Touch-sensitive with innovative capacitive technology. Customizable button configuration.


Encapsulated NTC probes with 6.35 or RAST terminations. 0 to 90 deg. with plastic housing. 0 to 130 deg. with metal housing.

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