Products & Services

IXEUS proposes standard products, semi-custom and full-custom products for home and professional electric appliances.

Standard products are available off-the-shelf when partnership is established with customer.
Semi-custom and full-custom products ara available upon request : user-interface boards, power boards, displays, controls and embedded software.


Electronic & electromechanical timers for household appliances and professional equipments.

Control boards

Electronic control boards, wireless modules and user-interfaces for household appliances, professional and medical equipments.


Encoders, potentiometers, selectors for household appliances and professional equipments.

Custom products

Semi or full custom products for your specific application.


Subcontracting services operated by our manufacturing sites in Morocco and Tunisia


Subcontracting services operated by our engineering teams in Morocco and Tunisia : board design, prototyping, software development, manufacturing transfer.


Consulting services operated by our experts in France : Management consulting, innovation consulting, technical expertise.


Training sessions for individuals or groups on management, innovation and efficiency topics.

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